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            2019 (Autumn) "jinbaiwei Cup" Dalian youth baseball game
            FROM:JINBAIWEI  POST TIME:2018-08-29
            Yesterday, the 2019 (Autumn) "jinbaiwei Cup" Dalian youth baseball game hosted by Dalian Sports Bureau, Dalian Sports Federation, Dalian Baseball Association and Dalian jinbaiwei Group Co., Ltd. opened at the training base of Liaoning women's softball team.
            There are many baseball cultures and baseball spirit is more valuable. In terms of baseball rules, baseball doesn't need to consume time to win like football or basketball. It doesn't matter how much you lead, only when you dare to face the players can you win. It's very important for the country and the enterprise to face the challenge to win the dignity. It's also the perfect interpretation of the significance of jinbaiwei group's choosing to sponsor baseball games.
            At the short opening ceremony, in order to welcome the 70th anniversary of the people's Republic of China, all the participants sang the national anthem to the national flag and sang "sing for the motherland". At last, they wished together:
            "Happy 70th birthday to the motherland!"
            "Wish Dalian baseball take off as soon as possible!"
            There are five game days in the game, September 28, October 5, 6, 19 and 20. Welcome to the baseball fans!
            I wish the 2019 (Autumn) "jinbaiwei Cup" Dalian youth baseball game a complete success!

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